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  • Is my data secure? Who can see my data?
    The SafeAccess web application and data storage are hosted on a HIPAA-compliant secure cloud for data storage. Data collected as part of a check-in may be shared with the organization that required the check-in. Your anonymized data may be used for analytics, without personally identifiable information.
  • Is SafeAccess HIPAA compliant?
    Yes, SafeAccess is HIPAA compliant.
  • Is SafeAccess a service of the CDC?
    No, SafeAccess is a private initiative. We leverage CDC guidelines for policy templates.
  • What other features are being released in the future?
    We will be providing ways to share check-ins with both building owners and contracting agencies, providing better ways to track people through buildings, and allow you see to if you have come into contact with possibly contagious individuals in a building. We’ve got big plans for better way to create and share building access policies as well. If you’ve got suggestions, we’d love to hear them–please use our contact form.
  • Does SafeAccess track my location?
    No. Even our contact tracing option as part of SafeAccess 360 respects your location privacy and only tracks whom you have been in contact with. This information is only used if there is a need (e.g., someone tests positive for covid-19 and you need to be notified.)
  • Do you have an Android or iOS App?
    We are not an app. We are web-based, but we can integrate with partner apps.
  • How can we get government financial assistance?
    The CARES Act provides financial options to may. Click here to download the SafeAccess CARES Act guide to get information you need to apply for assistance.
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